When the going gets tough, the screen comes off.

Sometimes things go sideways when we end up with some trade-ins or buying stock. A few times a year we have a MacBook with a WLD circuit that has died. This powers the backlight to the screen and is located on the logic board. So this leaves us with two options for repair. We can replace the entire logic board which depending on the model is basically anywhere from three hundred to six hundred. The second option is repurposing this once lovingly owned piece of hardware.

When we have a MacBook that is six years old there's only so much we and others will invest in it. When it makes sense to us and clients we can create what is affectionally called a Craptop. 

Owning a repurposed MacBook

So if you're interested in owning a craptop here's what you're in for. This is essentially more powerful than a MacMini in most cases. It's actually an upgrade albeit a bit ugly.

You essentially have the bottom half of a MacBook with no screen. This means you can use any use any monitor with it as long as you have the correct adapter. That means VGA, DVI, HDMI are only a few extra dollars away. 

The MacBook's keyboard will still light up and you will still have use of the optical drive as well.  

You also have the option of using a magic touch pad and keyboard as well which means you can hide away this half of a MacBook and keep aesthetics clean. The official Apple touchpad and keyboard will work remotely from your craptop which means you can power it on and hide it away, like a poor mans iMac. 


Pricing varies. It's not a one size fits all. It depends on the processor, memory and hard drive as well as if it's a thirteen inch, fifteen inch or seventeen inch.  We regularly have several of these in stock.