We can help you ...no really we can help you


          If your reading this chances are something really bad has happened to your computer and a 19 year old in a blueberry shirt has told you its going to cost a lot to fix your Baby, You shuffle out of the gleaming showroom dejected , your lost confused and combing the internet on your smart phone trying to find someone , anyone to tell you it can be done cheaper.....thats why your here.

            I will let you in on a little secret that number they gave you is based on nothing more then making a new one look a whole lot better of a deal. We think thats the wrong way to do business , call us optimistic we assume best case scenario and work from there . On average we repair liquid spill 13 inch Pro's for 260.00 and 15's for 315.00, where do we get our numbers from ?, read on.

          Apple offers and excellent program called depot repair wherein your Mac can be shipped to a third party repairer and everything fixed for a flat rate of 260.00 for a 13 Inch Macbook Pro and 315.00 for a 15 Inch Macbook Pro.....but there is a catch to this program , your mac has to be minty , no physical or liquid damage period, so essentially unless you live in a bubble and it just stopped working thats not what your paying ( essentially any real world likely scenario wherein it breaks), if they find any such damage you get requoted 805.00 to 1100.00.  We think thats messed up so if your Mac can be fixed your not paying more then 260.00 or 315.00 period.