Accidents happen. We are able to cut costs on our repairs because we are manually troubleshooting whatever issues your MacBook may have. Some store, we're not going to name , will run an onboard diagnostic tool then quote flat rate worst case scenario and thats what you pay even if there wrong .

MacBooks aren't a simple wheel and cog operation under the hood. The ailment could mean a dozen different things and this is why each problem is diagnosed here in our store. This cannot be done over the phone or by e-mail, this is a must if you're interested in saving your MacBook from the scrap heap. 

We highly recommend that you do not self diagnose and try and repair yourself. Our main goal is getting your MacBook back to working condition with an affordable price to you and kudos to us. Sometimes it's as simple as a connection coming loose inside or having something a PRAM issue.  


Liquid damage

     Depending on the severity of the spill most MacBooks can be fixed and brought back to life. In the event of a spill you'll want to power off your MacBook and bring it to MacBook Clinic as soon as possible, time is of the essence. Our main objective will be to remove your battery to prevent power being delivered to the logic board of your MacBook. Do not put your Macbook in front of a fan or put it in a container of rice. Rice can expand afterwards and damage parts of your MacBook. Don't use a blow dryer because only a limited amount of air will actually enter your MacBook and you'll also risk blowing whatever liquid inside around.  Do no try and drain the liquid yourself. Flipping, tilting and shaking the liquid out is only going to reintroduce the liquid to already wet areas or into new ones. 

     REPAIR $265 + PARTS

     We disassemble your MacBook completely. We discover any damaged areas or parts and clean if possible and in cases where it cannot be cleaned the parts will be replaced.  There is no payment required if we cannot fix your MacBook. Repairs of this nature can take anywhere from same day to several days depending on the nature of the spill. Parts are at cost.


     Sometime's your keyboard may become unresponsive or damaged. Have you lost a key or did the backlit keyboard stop illuminating? This repair price is separate and not to be included with liquid damage.


      This is a same day repair. Drop off your MacBook with us in the morning and pick it up at the end of the day. We remove the troublesome keyboard and replace it with a brand new one. We can replace individual keys if that section of the keyboard is still responsive. A key replacement can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

DC Jack

      Is your Mag lite not turning green or is it blinking? This may be an issue with your DC jack. If it's not lighting up, it's not charging the battery. This isn't always a issue where you can simply replace the power cord, and this isn't always a battery issue. This is why we always have you come in so that we can diagnose the problem.

     REPAIR $140

      This repair is either due to a  DC board or it can also be an issue with the logic board (which would be a different price). DC boards can be fixed same day. Drop off your MacBook in the morning and pick up in the afternoon. 


      If your MacBook isn't holding a charge for less than two hours or showing an X or a message saying you need your battery serviced then we can help. We know you're not always going to be in reach of a cord or plug to jack into which is why we want to revitalize those wonderful feelings of long battery life.


      Drop off your MacBook in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon. We offer same day service in most cases. MacBook Retinas require an additional step of service which is removing a battery which has been glued into place. There is an additional $55 charge to remove due to the nature of the replacement.  


      Sometimes we may open up your MacBook to find out that you have a loose connection or an entirely different issue. What you're being charged for in this instance is the fact of a manual diagnosis. We are not running a simple diagnosis by pressing a few keys on the keyboard (which a certain store does in the backroom). We are taking our expertise and fixing exactly what's wrong.  In some cases we may see a recall that you were unaware of or something that APPLE may cover directly.  If we don't fix anything then we don't charge anything. 


      We listen to you and closely examine what issues may be causing this. Often times we open up the MacBook and go component by component to see what's happening. This can be same day service for most cases. Some more complicated repairs are fixed within a weeks time. Anytime we service your MacBook and fix an issue we charge minimum one hour of service.  Our main goal is to not take it into a backroom and come out telling you the problem, we open it up in front of you depending on work load on specific days. 


screen damage

     Screens break, your MacBook is on the go; we understand. Give us a call and we will send you a Link for Air or Retina screens , buy screen walk in , leave 15 minutes later with you baby back , the following install charges apply .

1.) Regular MacBook Pro ( has cd slot ) 60.00

2.) Retina and Air 85.00

3.) 2016-2017 non and Touch Bar Mac’s $120.00

average savings over a certain store close to half the quoted cost , price listed is installation only

Track pad

      A track pad can become unresponsive due to a number of issues. If it's not following your finger or responding to clicks then you have an issue. One of those issues can actually be due to a battery which swells. The battery is located directly underneath the trackpad and if it swells it can damage and render track pad inoperative. 


      Simply drop off your MacBook with us for service. We disassemble it a bit and figure out what's creating the issue. In most cases it is same day service. If we have to order any parts such as a battery for your specific MacBook then we usually give a lead time of one week. The benefit of replacing your battery is longer time away from the cord and also a working track pad. 


      If you're hearing your fan on constantly it might be because of limited air flow in your MacBook which is often caused by dust. Our MacBooks are always on the go, from home to school or work; we take them everywhere. You're a human and not a robot in a air tight room, so we assume you have dust in your house. Little specks of dust sometimes get inside. 

     SERVICE $55

      We open up your MacBook and use our air compressor to clean out every little corner. We use an air compressor and not cans of air found in store because we don't believe spraying something that is powered by a liquid and could possibly damage your MacBook if not applied correctly. We remove your fan and pay special attention to servicing this area. The keyboard is also cleared of debris as well as any ports.  


      Do you have non functioning desktop computer or external hard drive that has old photos or videos that you need? We can remove your hard drive, recover and transfer the data from your current laptop onto a flash drive depending on the amount of data. In the event that we cannot retrieve your data but have spent time on this we do apply a service charge. 


       There are two types of drive failures logical and mechanical , logical recoveries are typically vey easy to recover ( hard drive is fine mechanically ), and physical damage , or both which is very time consuming and often parts are needed , Raided drives are also very expensive if its not a logical recovery

Price estimate

Logical recovery up to 1TB $350.00

Hardware failure $750-900.00

Raid Hardware failure ( random array of independent disks ) $1500.00 two drives , 2200.00 three -five drives .

Data transfer

      If you've picked up a new MacBook from us or somewhere else we can transfer your old data to the new machine. If you've purchased a MacBook from us we offer half price on data transfer.  Customers who bring in MacBooks from elsewhere are subjected to full service charge. 

      SERVICE CHARGE $27 / $55

      We remove data from your old computer using either our external hard drive or yours. We also are able to do a straight cable transfer via USB or FIREWIRE to transfer data. Depending on the amount of data you can always wait in our lobby while we perform this service or drop off your MacBook and come back for pickup later in the day.