We offer a 90 day warranty on parts and labor. We're certain that our work & parts will hold the test of time. This is for all parts that we provide. If you've brought in a part of your own wether it was purchased off a provided link from Ebay or local retailer should there be and issue you would need to return it to the provider , we offer no warranty on third party parts period . 


Regarding purchases of refurbished MacBooks. We accept returns within 14 days of purchase date. Please have receipt and a valid ID. We do not cover any returns due to liquid damage, dropped or impacted, damaged LCD or modified internal or external features. This includes upgrading hard drive, optical drive bay swap out or memory within this period.  If you have any issues within the 14 days, please feel free to contact us prior to return. 



We do all services on site in Auburn and have been working on Apple products for a decade. We differ a bit from other repair shops in the area because we carry many of the parts we offer repairs for. All repairs and service use OEM parts. Most service and repairs are completed within a day except in the case of some data recoveries and taking into account shipping times for speciality parts. Service can be as simple as opening the MacBook and reconnecting cables and still is billable as an hour. We put value on our knowledge, location and also ease of visit. 


We do not perform any service on iCloud locked MacBooks. This usually means that the MacBook is stolen and has been locked by whoever originally purchased the MacBook. We do however record any serial numbers of MacBooks that come through our shop in the event of ongoing police investigations. 


Due to the nature of the repair business we often have people that will have abandoned their MacBooks or iMacs due to repair cost or the purchase of new equipment. We allow a 14 day period in which you have brought in your laptop to either recover it with repair or without repair. After 14 days we reserve the right to either destroy or sell your laptop for parts. We are not a storage company and we always make every attempt to get your MacBook or iMac back to you within those 14 days. 


Some of our repairs we over a Bring Your Own Parts policy which keeps price down for everyone involved. We will often send you a link of where to download the specific part you need for your Macbook. Please keep all receipts in the case of error. BYOP means that you can cut down time away from your MacBook during a repair. 


At Macbook Clinic we have a consultative approach to repair and always show you what is causing an issue or how we are proceeding with a repair. We always do an initial assessment of your MacBook noting any liquid damage or physical drops and hardware issues. 


When we service your MacBook we typically take in information such as e-mail address, phone, name and serial number. We never sell this data but we do send out an occasional e-mail with any changes in services or specials.