The following models use apple proprietary msata ssd or PCIE drives , in some models they can be upgraded , contact us and we will send you a link to the drive you need , buy the drive and walk in we charge a flat rate of 100.00 to install and transfer data *** DRIVE NOT INCLUDED****

The following models the storage can be upgraded

2012-2017 Macbook Air

late 2012 to 2015 Macbook Pro 13-15 inch Retina

2016-2017 Non Touch Bar 13 inch Retina

Mac upgrades for regular MacBook Pro’s made between 2008-2012 model years …does your Mac have a CD slot right hand side ?, this section is for you.



     So there are four types of hard drives, but only two are common when it comes to MacBooks which are 2.5 SATA or 2.5 SSD. The 2.5 refers to the form factor or size of the physical hard drive. One of the best parts about a MacBook is certain areas are upgradable such as all MacBooks can have their hard drives upgraded. So there are advantages to both hard drives, which we will break down quickly for you. A typical SATA drive is inexpensive and offers the most storage. These hard drives are ideal if you are planning to store a lot of data or you don't move around a lot. The downside to a SATA hard drive is a spinning hard drive which means that it can break. When you had an old desktop computer your computer was stationary so you never had any issues with a hard drive breaking but with MacBooks they are on the move and sometimes get banged around; which isn't good for the longevity of your data. A SSD or solid state hard drive is basically a big block of memory that is similar to what's in your phone or on a flash drive but much more space. These hard drives are made for speed, they are able to recall data much faster then a traditional SATA hard drive. These hard drives can store almost as much data but cost a bit more but it's worth it if you're always on the go with your laptop.  Another benefit to having a SSD hard drive is your programs opening faster, boot up times will also be faster.

     INSTALL $125 + Price of hard drive

     We can swap out your old hard drive for either a SSD hard drive or SATA hard drive. If you're interested in having us purchase the correct hard drive that matches your needs and installing, we ask for that portion of the payment up front. You can also bring in a 2.5 SSD or 2.5 SATA that you've purchased for us to install. We ask that you leave your Macbook for a few hours to transfer the data. Depending on the amount of data your transfer time can be either shorter or longer. In the case that you do not need data transfer from old to new hard drive we can still include a fresh install of the latest Apple Operating system. Certain MacBooks specifically the Retina model have a proprietary hard drive that is specific for year and model, in the event that you have a Retina we will have to order the hard drive for you or direct you to the correct hard drive.  

     With any data transfer we can only transfer a smaller amount of data to a larger hard drive but not a larger amount of data to a smaller hard drive. What we're saying is be careful with the amount of data that your new hard drive can hold. We always suggest backing up your pictures, videos, music on a separate hard drive that you can plug in occasionally to back up. 




     Some people confuse memory with storage space, this is actually a pretty common mix up. Your MacBook comes with two sticks of DDR3 memory and most times you're only starting off with 4GB or 8GB of RAM (Random Access Memory, which is a term for memory). Most MacBooks can be upgraded to 16GB of RAM while others can only handle 8GB of RAM at most.  Memory in your MacBook allows it to run applications, complete tasks, basically anything that your computer is doing is in part to the memory. The more memory you have the faster your computer will run programs and perform tasks. This is a very inexpensive way to speed up your MacBook. Unfortunately, the Retina models, due to memory placement, cannot accommodate upgrades of this nature.

INSTALL $25.00

     We don't typically carry memory in our store for purchase instead we highly encourage BYOP (Buy Your Own Parts). You can call us at MacBook Clinic and provide your serial number for your MacBook and we can figure out which memory suits you the best. You order the memory, bring it in and we install it right there, no waiting. 



     So this is a little known fact, you can add a second hard drive inside your MacBook. If we take out your optical drive (CD/DVD drive) then all we have to do is add a caddy which will accommodate a second hard drive. We always suggest having at least one SSD hard drive in your computer. Typically with this setup you have a small SSD hard drive running your operating system (OS X) and you use the other hard drive already in your computer as storage space.  Data transfer is included with the price. Unfortunately the Retina models cannot accommodate this upgrade.


     Specific caddy for each MacBook varies so again we suggest BYOP (Bring Your Own Parts). You can call us with your serial number of your MacBook and we can provide you with a link on where to buy the specific caddy. You will also have to select a hard drive to order which we can send you a link for as well. Once you have all the parts you can stop down to have everything installed. We provide any data transfer needed and a fresh install of the latest Apple operating system if needed.  Time for this upgrade is anywhere from a few hours to next day depending on amount of data being transferred.