Upgrade/ replace ?

    Ok so your in that shiny place with wood tables and you can't help but drool over the new goodness....your Mac is 3-5 years old or older and you can make a cup of coffee in the time it takes to boot.....you so want your Mac to boot up and shutdown in lighting speed.

    Don't reach for your wallet and peel out a grand or more for a new laptop...your old mac can be just as fast if not faster then a new one, SSD ( solid state drives) are dirt cheap at the moment and they use the same tech the new Macs do, throw one in your old Mac and upgrade your ram and presto you have the fast mac you wanted at a fraction of the cost. 

           new is nice but your old Mac can be your best friend again and its green to repurpose the tech and not landfill it quite yet  :)